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What is Healthy Tau?

Healthy Tau is your go-to online resource for creating a healthy life centered in food, fitness, and mind.

Healthy Tau is rooted in three simple principals of a clean diet, physical activity, and mental resilience. When we are attentive and consistent with these healthy habits, we capable of living more fulfilling lives and reaching our highest potential.

Healthy Tau is an easy-to-use, translatable resource for delicious yet healthy recipes; for realistic approaches to sustainable weight management; and for effective cognitive support.

Healthy Tau aims to help individuals like you find the balance necessary to live their most happy, healthy life.

Latest Blog Post

Fall for Fitness

Fall is an eruption for the senses: a welcome mix of warm flirtations from the lagging sun laced with crisp, cool air; the ripening and rotting smell of the ever-changing...

Do You Need a Summer Detox?

Ah the glowing days of summer – wild nights that carry on into the morning, outdoor adventures in the beaming sun, happy hour on the patio – sure feels good...

Travel Planning

Vacation season is upon us and what is more relaxing than planning an epic vacation only to catch the travel bug? Bloating, digestive problems, nausea, excessive fatigue – sounds fun...


Wealth Health

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau   ‘Tis the season to face or hide from the music. The holidays and end of the year call for a ...

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At least once a month, I go to the park, take off my shoes, rollup my shorts and shirt as high as they will go, and lay in the dirt. I also regularly walk my dogs barefoot a...

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Self Soothing Strategies

You can only take care of others as well as you have taken care of yourself. Truer words could not be spoken - but what does it mean to take care of one’s self? In today’...

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Core Beliefs

What are core beliefs? It’s not uncommon to mistake them for beliefs about society or the world around us, but what about beliefs about yourself? How do you see yourself as ...

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Fitness Posts

Lifestyle Coaching

How would you feel if I told you that everything you need to reach your highest potential is already at your fingertips? It’s true!I want to show you how you...

Beyond Vanity

It’s hard to pass a day in western society without the influence of “fitness culture” spilling across life. It goes without saying; the strong shapes of fitness models will define...

Running Form

Running is a fun and effective form of cardio but depending on who you ask, it can also be a dangerous training foul leading to injury and setback. It can...


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